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100,000 views and counting

figure5I’m  celebrating the 100,000 views mark on my “Logical Volume Management on #Linux” piece on +developerworks

Actually, it’s almost at the 200,000 views mark if we consider both Russian and Japanese translations.

And it’s a 7 year article so it’s time for an update or a new article altogether. What would you like to see on the #LVM or #PowerLinux theme? Tweet or send comments!

Volume management is not new in the -ix world (UNIX, AIX, and so forth). And logical volume management (LVM) has been around since Linux kernel 2.4v1 and 2.6.9v2. This article reveals the most useful features of LVM2–a relatively new userspace toolset that provides logical volume management facilities–and suggests several ways to simplify your system administration tasks. Based on reader feedback, the author has updated Listings 10, 14, 15, and…

Wanna know what DOVE, CNA, East/West communication, EVB, SDE, FFDC and other terms means in a #PureSystem context?

As a guess blogger to, I just posted a brief "glossary or terms" entry that may help in understanding some of the terms that surround, but are not exclusive to, Expert Integrated Systems such as PureSystems and PureFlex systems.

Your comments are welcome as always!

As someone who came from engineering (and is still a proud open source geek), I often find myself wanting to have a dictionary of terms. Just like a level-setting introduction, my favorite programm…

The Register “IBM to port KVM hypervisor to PowerLinux”

The Register "IBM to port KVM hypervisor to PowerLinux"

It also summarized the latest announcements made around Power Systems (Solarflare, Platform Symphony, Hadoop among others), as well as some of the challenges – which by the way we welcome as opportunities to tackle them head-on with game-changing initiatives such as bringing open virtualization to our hardware.

IBM also said at the Red Hat Summit that it would open Power Systems Linux Centers in Austin, Texas, and New York City to help developers port Linux code to Power7+ machinery. IBM opened the first such center in Beijing a month ago. New York, of course, is a financial services center, …

IBM announces KVM coming to Power Systems in 2014 #PowerLinux   #PowerKVM   #rhsummit

IBM announces KVM coming to Power Systems in 2014 #PowerLinux   #PowerKVM   #rhsummit  

Arvind Krishna, General Manager for Development and Manufacturing, IBM Systems & Technology Group, just announced on Red Hat Summit two more Power Systems Linux centers in NYC and Austin (in addition to the one already announced in Beijing).

He also took the opportunity to announce the big news that KVM will be coming for Power Systems in 2014! The IBM Linux Technology Center is thrilled to lead the way in those exciting times!

The video from the keynote should already be available here:


Today 5PM ET, livestream of IBM Systems Development GM “Arvind Krisha” keynote at #redhatsummit

Today 5PM ET, livestream of IBM Systems Development GM "Arvind Krisha" keynote at #redhatsummit

The keynotes will be broadcasted live from Boston, MA, and we have great expectations for what's coming. I wouldn't miss it if you are interested in Linux, Open Systems, POWER…


IBM will support leading NoSQL MongoDB API through DB2

IBM will support leading NoSQL MongoDB API through DB2

Excellent news that IBM is working to support the MongoDB API through DB2, a very important move to converge and support the NoSQL paradigm, which a lot of emerging OpenSource and web applications are starting to adopt.

IBM developers can now write apps using MongoDB’s query language to interact with data stored in DB2 and WebSphere, and vice versa, giving IBM’s tech greater use and relevance in an age dominated by cheap or free solutions. IBM will preview support of MongoDB’s JSON-oriented query method in DB2 …

IBM PowerLinux and Open Source news

IBM PowerLinux and Open Source news

I try to maintain an social media and news aggregator for PowerLinux and IBM Open Source topics using the website. Suggestions and tips are welcome!

IBM PowerLinux and Open Source, by Klaus Heinrich Kiwi: A summary of news, articles and social entries related to IBM Linux and Open Source projects, including PowerLinux, KVM, Hadoop and others