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New opencryptoki release available

I just now found the time to write about the latest opencryptoki version, which was released just over two weeks ago.

Opencryptoki version 2.3.2 was released roughly 6 months after 2.3.1, and brings a series or improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved performance when handling many sessions or many session objects. An inefficient walk through a linked-list was part of the validation step for every operation involving session or object handles. While still lacking a more efficient data-structure, we where able to use the pointers themselves as handles, thus making the look-up in linear time as opposed to exponential time as it were. This improvement has significant impact for scenarios where a single process had more than 4000 sessions at once. Although we are still able to do some verification, this change may also expose buggy applications which may crash if trying to use invalid handles, so be advised.
  • Largely rewritten build scripts. This version went through a much needed refactor for the autoconf/automake build scripts, in the hope of having now a clearer and less error-prone build procedure.
  • New SPEC file for building RPM packages. The Opencryptoki binaries are now split into different sub-packages: the main opencryptoki package now brings only the slot daemon (pkcsslotd, initialization script) and administration utilities (pkcsconf, pkcs11_setup). The opencryptoki-libs package brings the PKCS#11 library itself. The packages opencryptoki-swtok, opencryptoki-tpmtok, opencryptoki-icatok and opencryptoki-ccatok bring token-specific plug-ins (aka STDLLs) that enables support for different kinds of crypto hardware. This way, the System Administrator can now choose to install only what’s necessary for his/her environment.
  • A nice addition by Kent Yoder that allows pkcsconf to display mechanisms names instead of only numeric identifiers
  • Kent also provided a couple of fixes to the software token (inaccuracies in mechanism list) and testcases
  • A couple of useful additions/fixes related to init-scripts and pkcsconf by Dan Horák
  • A number of RSA fixes and improvements by Ramon de Carvalho Valle, including an endianess bug in key-pair generation for the software token and improved PKCS#1 v1.5 padding functions.

As for the next version, we’re having a strong focus on making the testsuite better. You can follow the development log here.