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iPod [Touch|Phone] 2.0 firmware and LEAP

Woohoo! Altough I couldn’t find any official (or even unofficial) links at the moment, I can safely say that the new Touch 2.0 firmware now supports LEAP Authentication! I got it working  by accident on my company’s wireless network which exclusively supports LEAP authentication.

There are a few gotchas, though. When configuring your wireless connection, it seems that there’s no LEAP option shown at the list of security mechanism. And in my case, my company’s wireless SSID is hidden by default (although I can see it in my NetworkManager’s list of wireless networks). So what worked for me was:

  • Go to your Wi-Fi Networks settings at Settings->Wi-fi.
  • Choose Other Network
  • Enter your network’s SSID and choose None security, and Join
  • The iPod then should bind with the wireless network (you would be able see the wireless strength and a check besides the network’s SSID), although you can’t browse (no IP address configuration, for instance)
  • Go to the Wi-Fi Networks page again and simply click the network’s SSID (even if it’s shows as connected)
  • A username/password dialog should appear. Enter your data and voilá, you are connected through LEAP in your iPod touch.

The authentication data is stored as far as I can tell, so you shouldn’t need to do that again unless you change your password.

I hope the LEAP-not-showing-as-wifi-security-choice in the new iPod touch is a minor GUI glitch that hopefully will be solved by the next minor release of the firmware. Leave a line if you know where can we provide feedback to Apple about this. Also please comment if this is working for you or not (I have tested in at least two iPod touch/phones from my co-workers, but you see, we all are in the same environment here).