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xcryptolinz RPMs

In case anyone is looking for the xcryptolinz RPMs to support IBM cryptographic hardware in Secure Key mode (among other things) through the CCA API, they are actually placed in IBM’s software support page for cryptocards (link)

As of this posting, current version is 3.28-rc8, and only supported in the s390x architecture (System z).


IBM has released a new CCA library (ver. 4.0), supporting the newer IBM PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor (aka CEX3C aka 4765) card.  The library now supports SHA-2 AES and RSA with modulus size up to 4096 bits (for capable hardware), besides other Secure-Key operations such as DES, 3DES and SHA-1.

Opencryptoki starting from version 2.3 supports (and in fact requires) this library in order to use the CCA token type.

If time permits, I’ll post more here about CCA support in openCryptoki in the future.