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My talk for LinuxCon Brazil 2010 (KVM Security)

I’m back from LinuxCon Brazil 2010. After spending two entire days off-line (interesting experience btw), I can finally upload the slide deck for my talk, “KVM Security – Where Are We At, Where Are We Going”, as promised.

I can’t spend time reporting on the event right now, so I’ll just summarize that it was in my opinion the best Linux-related even we had down here so far, with some good talks from both local and foreigner guys.

The funniest part, however, was seeing Linus having it’s own Justin Bieber moment, with girls freaking out and everything 😉

Thanks for everyone who attended. I hope we can all meet again next year for an even better event.

PS.: I ended-up canceling the Linux Professional Development BoF, due to confusions with scheduling and a couple of other things – Sorry for everyone who planned to attend, but keep in touch (comment here or email me at klaus@klauskiwi.com) – I still have the idea of at least mapping the Linux professional development industry here in Brazil. We need better know each other, really!